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  • Whoop Dee Fucking Doo
  • No One cares
  • Foxy Lady
  • Life (Sometimes everything is a bit shit)
  • You Make Me Moist
  • I took a shit
  • Kate Bush
  • You make everyone else look better
  • You're a shit
  • Moist Farts
  • Pube on the seat
  • No Stupid Ideas
  • You'r
  • Well Done You
  • Weekend Forecast: Mostly Drunk
  • Picture Of My Ass
  • Drink All The Gin
  • You Have a Magnificent Pussy
  • You're Not Always a Twat
  • Tolerable
  • Wanker
  • Thunder Cunt
  • PissWizard
  • Well That's Just Fucking Brilliant
  • You'll Do
  • Adequate
  • I Like You - You don't let the fear of looking stupid hold you back
  • I don't Like The Smell Of Your Farts
  • No Oil Painting but you'll do
  • You're Tolerable
  • Your Mouth Feels So Much Better Than My Hand
  • Old As Fuck
  • One Day You Will Have To Grow Up
  • Very Very Very Very Very Very Old
  • Happy Fucking Whatever
  • Hurr Burr Burr Durr
  • Grey Pubes
  • How Are You Not Dead Yet
  • Its you'r Birthday

Shit handmade cards.
Made with a hand and a pen.

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